About Turano

Mariano Turano came to the United States from Calabria, Italy, with one purpose in mind; to build a better life for his family. Learn more about the history of the bakery and the diverse product line here.

Round Sandwich Rolls

We take pride in producing premium buns and rolls that take burgers and sandwiches to the next level. Learn more about our diverse range of Round Sandwich Rolls here.

Creamy Tuscan Chicken

This One-Pan Creamy Tuscan Chicken paired with Pane Turano is an easy dinner idea that is loaded with flavor!

How Do You Clean Your Plate?

Clean your plate with Turano bread at your dinner table! Our variety of breads, buns and rolls will complement any dish whether it's hearty beef stew, zesty spaghetti, or a simple soup dish.

Game Day Panwiches

These Game Day Panwiches combine the flavor of Philly cheesesteak, BBQ pork, and muffuletta.

Toasted Wreathe Dip

Take your holiday appetizer to another level with this Toasted Wreathe Dip using our Rustic Italian.

Ham & Brie Christmas Tree

Grab a few bags of our new Mini Brioche Rolls and make this festive recipe for your next get-together. These brie and ham filled sliders are festive, flavorful and are perfect for the holidays.

3 Festive Recipes To Make At Home

From reindeers to snowman and Christmas trees, these recipes are created using our English Muffins, Rustic Italian, and Mini Brioche Rolls!

Best When Enjoyed Together

Don't make your guests fight over the last bite. Make more for everyone to enjoy using Turano's ALL NEW Mini Brioche Rolls.

The Rustic Reveal

It's time for the big reveal. We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Rustic family! Turano's ALL NEW Rustic Grain bread contains hearty grains that will make healthy eating delicious.

Turano Does English Muffins

Does Turano do English Muffins? Do the British drink tea? The answer to both is yes! Our new English Muffins are griddled to perfection and are packed in a resealable bag for your convenience. Find them now at a local Chicagoland grocery store near you.

Our Bambino For Your Bambino

Whether they've got a sophisticated palate or they're the pickiest eaters ever, your kids will love Turano's Bambino Rolls! After all, we make our Bambino for your Bambino.

Spooky Recipes for Halloween

Halloween is near and we've got 4 Spooky Recipes that you and your kids can make at home! From spiders and ghosts to witches and mummies, these recipes are created by using our English Muffins and Rustic Italian Bread.

Sweet & Savory One-Pan Egg Sandwich

Here's our take on the one-pan egg sandwich using our Rustic Italian. Treat yourself with this sweet and savory breakfast recipe this week.