Corned Beef Hash Breakfast Sandwich

Corned Beef Hash Breakfast Sandwich


• Turano English Muffins
• Corned Beef
• Potato of choice
• Onion
• Butter
• Cheese of choice
• Eggs
• Salt
• Pepper


① Pre-heat oven to 400℉. Cut potatoes into small bits and place into cast iron skillet. Drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper and mix all together. Put in oven for ~35 minutes or until golden brown
② Over a medium-high skillet, add olive oil and cut up onions until onions are golden. Add the corned beef, salt, pepper, and any other seasonings that you would like.
③ Toast the English Muffins and cook the egg(s) using the butter as the base
④ Assemble sandwich and enjoy

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