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Ham & Brie Grilled Cheese

Ham & Brie Grilled Cheese


Pane Turano
6 pieces of Brie Cheese (sliced)
¼ lbs. Smoked Ham (thinly shaved)
2 tbsp. Apple Maple spread
Butter to taste


Begin by placing 1 pat of butter in the pan.
Add ham and cook until it begins to crisp up and darken in color.
Remove from heat, mix with 1 tbsp. of the apple maple spread. Set aside.
Next, add half of the brie cheese onto one slice of Pane Turano.
Add the cooked shaved ham with the spread mixed in and top with the rest of the brie slices.
Add the last piece of bread on top and butter the exterior of the sandwich using the remaining salted butter.
Add the buttered sandwich to a small nonstick fry pan or panini press and turn the heat to medium.
Cook, flipping if necessary until each side is golden brown and the brie has melted. Since brie has a higher melting point than most cheeses, this sandwich will cook faster than most typical grilled cheese sandwiches.

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