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Ham & Brie Grilled Cheese

Ham & Brie Grilled Cheese


• Rustic Rye
• 6 pieces of Brie Cheese (sliced)
• ¼ lbs. Smoked Ham (thinly shaved)
• 2 tbsp. Apple Maple spread
• Butter to taste


• Begin by placing 1 pat of butter in the pan.
• Add ham and cook until it begins to crisp up and darken in color.
• Remove from heat, mix with 1 tbsp. of the apple maple spread. Set aside.
• Next, add half of the brie cheese onto one slice of Pane Turano.
• Add the cooked shaved ham with the spread mixed in and top with the rest of the brie slices.
• Add the last piece of bread on top and butter the exterior of the sandwich using the remaining salted butter.
• Add the buttered sandwich to a small nonstick fry pan or panini press and turn the heat to medium.
• Cook, flipping if necessary until each side is golden brown and the brie has melted. Since brie has a higher melting point than most cheeses, this sandwich will cook faster than most typical grilled cheese sandwiches.

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