Double Decker with Cheese & Pickles

Double Decker with Cheese & Pickles


• Turano Brioche Rolls
• 4 burger patties of choice, patted down to thin
• Cheese of choice (we used American)
• Large, dill pickles, sliced
• Ketchup
• Mustard
• Olive Oil
• Salt
• Pepper
• Butter


① Pre-heat skillet to medium-high heat and splash olive oil on the skillet, favoring the higher heat.
② Prep burger patties by seasoning with salt and pepper. Once the skillet is hot enough, place burger patties to the skillet, seasoned face down. Season the other side while on the skillet.
③ Watch for the patties to cook quickly, allowing the sides to char. Once ready, flip over to the other side and add a piece of cheese to the top of each patty.
④ While the burger patty is finishing, butter the inside of the Brioche Buns and place inside face down on the skillet after taking off the patty. Allow the brioche bun to brown (approximately 1-2 minutes) before assembling the burger, adding pickles, ketchup, mustard, or any other condiment.

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