Grilled Jalapeño Onion Bacon Bison Burger

Grilled Jalapeño Onion Bacon Bison Burger


• Turano Brioche Rolls
• 1 pound ground bison
• Liquid smoke
• Worcestershire
• Garlic Salt
• Fresh cracked black pepper
• White cheddar cheese slices
• BBQ sauce
• Jalapeno
• Yellow onion
• Bacon


① Mix Worcestershire, garlic salt, liquid smoke and fresh cracked pepper into bison meat.
② Form into 3 patties.
③ Heat grill to medium high, Cook bacon in a cast iron skillet, remove and set aside once completed, leaving bacon grease in the skillet.
④ Slice onion into rings. Place whole jalapeño and onion rings directly on grill, rotate and flip after 2 min.
⑤ Remove once you have grill marks on each side. Slice jalapeño and separate onion rings.
⑥ Add to the bacon grease and saute over medium/low until soft.
⑦ Grill over medium high heat, approximately 3 – 4 min per side. Add cheese the last couple of min.
⑧ Toast buns on grill, remove and add BBQ sauce to each bun.
⑨ Remove burger from grill, place on bun, top with bacon then jalapeño and onions and top bun.

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