Mini Brioche Sliders

Mini Brioche Sliders


• Turano Brioche Sliders
• 2 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
• 2 cloves garlic, minced
• 1/2 red onion, thinly sliced
• 1 c. BBQ Sauce
• Juice of 1/2 lime
• 1 lb pork shoulder
• Pinch cayenne pepper
• Kosher salt
• Freshly ground black pepper
• 1/4 c. mayonnaise
• 4 pineapple rings, cut into thirds
• 1 1/2 c. shredded Pepper Jack
• Egg wash
• 1 tbsp. sesame seeds
• 2 medium size zucchini, sliced fairly thickly
• 8 mini sweet peppers, sliced fairly thickly
• 1 tablespoon olive oil
• 1 teaspoon italian seasoning
• 1/8 teaspoon garlic salt
• 1/8 teaspoon black pepper
• 1/2 cup crumbled reduced fat feta cheese
• 1 1/2 tablespoon basil pesto
• 2 ounces reduced fat cream cheese, room temperature
• 4-6 basil leaves (one or two leaves per slider)


① Preheat oven to 350°. In a large skillet over medium-high heat, heat oil. Add onions and cook until soft, 5 minutes then add garlic and cook until fragrant, 1 minute more. Add in BBQ sauce and lime juice. Bring to a simmer and add chicken. Cover, reduce heat to medium-low, and cook until cooked through, 15 to 18 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool.
② When cool enough to handle, shred chicken. Return back to the sauce and stir to combine. Season with salt, pepper, and a pinch of cayenne pepper.
③ Slice Sliders in half and place bottom buns into a 9”-x-13” baking dish. Add chicken mixture in an even layer, then top with pineapple and cheese. Broil sliders until the cheese is melted, 2-3 minutes.

① Heat a large skillet to medium heat. Toss the sliced zucchini and the sliced sweet peppers with the olive oil and the spices in a large ziplock bag.
Lightly spray the skillet with cooking spray and add the veggies in a single layer (this may take two batches to get it all)
② Cook the vegetables for approximately 2 minutes on each side until they are tender and beginning to brown a bit. Remove vegetables from skillet and add the sliced halves of the rolls to the skillet to lightly toast them. Approximately 1 minute. Remove rolls from heat
③ Combine the feta cheese, cream cheese and basil in a small blender or food process and pulse approximately 30 seconds until well combined.
④ To assemble the sliders stack the zucchini and pepper slices on the rolls, top with basil leaves, spread a thick layer of the spread over the top half of the bun and close.

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