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Tiramisu French Toast

Tiramisu French Toast


• 2 slices of Turano Rustic Italian
• 60ml (~1/4 cup) liquid egg whites OR 1 large egg
• 10g (~1/3 scoop) @myproteinus * soy protein isolate (sub w/ other vegan/whey protein OR omit)
• 30ml (~2 tbsp) plant/dairy milk
• 3g (~1 scoop) coffee powder
• 3g (~1/2 tbsp) + extra cocoa powder
• 15g (~1 tbsp) granulated sweetener/sugar of choice
• 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
• 120g (~1/2 cup) vegan/dairy vanilla yogurt (used non-fat vanilla greek yogurt)
• 8g (~1/2 tbsp) vegan/dairy butter


① Mix the egg/egg whites, cocoa powder, sweetener, coffee, milk and vanilla extract together.
② Soak Turano Rustic Italian slices one at a time both sides for 10-20 secs.
③ Add butter to pan. Heat it up to medium heat. Once butter begins to bubble add in the bread. Cook on both sides until egg mixture is cooked.
④ Top each slice with yogurt and sift extra cocoa powder on top.

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