Turano Ultimate Cheese Board

Turano Ultimate Cheese Board


• Toasted slices of Pane Turano and Rustic Italian.
• Cured meats - prosciutto, pepperoni, Italian dry salami, or spicy salami.
• Cheeses - cheddar, brie, aged asiago, Taleggio, Swiss or gouda.
• Fresh fruits - grapes, apples, olives, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries or blueberries.
• Dried fruits - peaches, prunes, apple rings, and raisins.
• Nuts - almonds, pistachio, pecan, and macadamia.
• Fresh fruit - apples, grapes and figs.
• Jelly/Jam - strawberry, blueberry, fig, cherry, plum, apricot.
• Dips - hummus, or olive oil.
• Vegetables - cherry tomatoes or cucumber (for palate cleanser).


① Grab yourself a wooden cutting, cheese or charcuterie board. Grab all your favorite charcuterie pairings. When purchasing your ingredients we recommend getting a variety of texture, shapes and flavor.
② Lay your cheeses down first and spread them on throughout the board for a variety of shapes and color. Next with your cured meats, get a couple of different sizes and formats such as large, small, round, thick and spice levels. Fold them into different ways and also spread them across the board. Lay the smaller circular meats flat on top of each other and have them serve as a border for your board. The larger meats fold them into flower shapes by folding them in half and decorate as you like.
③ Last step is to add the accouterments such as fresh or dried fruit, nuts in that order. We recommend adding accouterments that pair well together closer to one another. The fresh and dried fruit are the largest and should fill in bigger chunks of the remaining board while the nuts serve as a delicious filler decoration. Once the fruits and nuts are added, feel free to add anything else you'd like to your board and add any final touches. The board is yours to make. Grab yourself some jelly, jam and dips and serve with your favorite slices of Turano bread!

(Store it in the fridge with saran wrap. Take it out an hour to 45 minutes before serving as we recommend serving the charcuterie board in room temperature)

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