Picnic Skewers

Picnic Skewers


• 2 Rustic Italian, 2 Rustic Ryes, 2 Rustic Grains (or any 6 breads of your choosing)
• 18 slices of turkey 3 slices per skewer
• 6 slices of cheese 1 slices per skewer; any type is fine
• 9 grape tomatoes 1.5 per skewer
• 6 small pieces of lettuce 2 per skewer
• 8 large skewers metal or wood


① For each skewer, begin with a piece of bread. Slide on a piece of turkey (folded into fourths works best), a piece of cheese, a slice of tomato, a piece of lettuce, and a slice of turkey.
② Slide on another piece of bread, and repeat the steps above, finishing it with a slice of bread (if using sauce, place the sauced side upwards so that it is touching the meat).
③ Repeat for all skewers. Enjoy!

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