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Sweet & Savory One-Pan Egg Sandwich

Sweet & Savory One-Pan Egg Sandwich


• 2 Rustic Italian slices
• 4 Large eggs
• 2 Tablespoon of butter
• 2 Cheddar cheese slice
• 1 Medium-sized bell pepper
• Strawberry or raspberry jam, to taste
• Optional: 4 slices of deli ham


① Cut one slice of Rustic Italian in half and set aside. Whisk 2 eggs in a bowl. Beat it thoroughly. Season it with few sprinkles of salt & black pepper. Place some butter into your frying pan. Place on low heat. Once the butter melts and covers the entire pan, add in the egg mixture.
② Immediately place-on the bread slices into the middle of the egg (egg-coated part facing up). Give it a slight nudge so the bread slices settle into the egg. Allow the egg to cook.
③ After the egg has set, it should lift easily off the frying pan. Carefully flip it using a spatula. Then fold the eggs that are hanging over the bread inwards to make a rectangular shape.
Place a cheddar cheese slice, diced bell peppers, jam of your choice (and ham if desired) onto the sandwich, and carefully fold it together. Give it a few minutes to cook, so that the cheese on the inside will melt and the ingredients to warm up. Make sure to flip it so it can cook on both sides.
④ Repeat the process and enjoy!

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