Turkey Tomato Bacon Club

Turkey Tomato Bacon Club


• Pane Turano bread
• 4 oz. white turkey meat, thickly sliced
• 4 pieces bacon
• 1 tomato, sliced
• 1/2 cup iceberg lettuce, chopped
• 1/3 cup mayonnaise


① In batches, toast all slices of bread.
② In a medium pan over medium heat, cook bacon until extra crispy. Set aside to a paper towel-lined plate to drain and discard fat.
③ Spread mayonnaise on 1 side of every slice of bread.
④ To assemble: take first slice of bread (mayonnaise side up) and place a small bunch of lettuce on top of it.
⑤ Cover with 1-2 slices of turkey, then top with second slice of bread (mayonnaise side on the turkey).
⑥ Take 2 pieces of bacon and break into crumbles. Put crumbles on top of second slice of bread. Top with ½ of your tomato slices and top with remaining bread, mayonnaise side down.
⑦ Repeat with second sandwich.
⑧ Cut club sandwiches in half diagonally, and then diagonally again, going the other direction, to create quarters. Feel free to use toothpicks to keep them from falling apart.

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