BBQ Rib Sandwich

BBQ Rib Sandwich


• 4 Turano Brioche Rolls
• 1 rack of cut pork ribs
• 1/4 c pork rib seasoning
• 4 tablespoons salted butter
• 2 tablespoons brown sugar
• 3 cups onions & apple coleslaw
• 1 tbsp. butter


① Heat a smoker to run at 225°. Prepare the ribs. Turn them meat side down, and loosen a corner of the membrane with a butter knife. Grab the corner with a paper towel and pull to remove membrane, then discard. Trim the ribs of any excess fat or loose meat.

② Sprinkle some of the seasoning on the back of the ribs, then turn them over and sprinkle the remainder on the meat side. Let the rack sit for 10-15 minutes for a crust to form and the seasoning to sink in. Place the rack meat side up in the smoker.

③ Prepare two large sheets of foil, one atop the other. When the ribs have smoked for three hours, place them on top of the double layered foil. Add sugar and butter to the top of the meat, then wrap tightly in foil. Return to the smoker an additional 2.5 hours. (Note: normally, I would cook for only two hours, but because we want to pull the bones clean, we're taking it a little further).

④ After 2.5 hours, carefully unwrap the ribs and discard the foil. Paint the top of the meat with the bbq sauce and return to the smoker for 10 minutes so the sauce can set. Remove the ribs from the smoker. Cut the rack into four sections.

⑤ Work to carefully remove the bones from each section. You may have to keep an eye out for bone fragments from where the ribs were cut. You will also need to remove the tougher cartilage in some sections. On top of a bun base, layer the slab of boneless rib. Top with a handful of the apple and onion mix, and drizzle with additional sauce if desired. Place the lid of the Turano Brioche roll on top, and repeat until all sandwiches are formed. Serve immediately.

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