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Breaded Chicken and Cheese Sandwich with Sauerkraut

Breaded Chicken and Cheese Sandwich with Sauerkraut


• Rustic Rye
• 2 chicken breasts
• Swiss cheese
• 3 eggs
• Breadcrumbs
• Flour
• Canola oil
• 2 cups of saurkraut
• Sea salt
• Pepper


• Slice Chicken Breasts in half
• Dry chicken with paper towels
• In separate shallow dishes/bowls: place flour, breadcrumbs, and whisked eggs
• Add salt and pepper to taste in each of the bowls, mix salt and pepper in the bowels
• Season the chicken with salt and pepper
• Following the order: flour, whisked eggs, breadcrumbs, dip the sliced chicken
• Use one hand for the dry mixtures (flour, breadcrumbs) and the other hand for wet mixtures (whisked eggs)
• Chill chicken for about 30 minutes in the fridge
• Let sit for 5 minutes
• In medium-high heat, add canola oil to the pan that covers at least half in height of the chicken
• Fry for about 2 minutes on each side
• Take off and let sit on wires or paper towels to dry
• Add cheese on the top of chicken shortly after taking out of oil and let melt
• Assemble with sauerkraut and rye bread

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