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Chopped Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

Chopped Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich


• 2 Turano Soft Sub Rolls
• 2 slices Provolone Cheese
• 4 slices of roasted turkey
• 2 cups roasted Brussel sprouts
• 1 1/2 cups cooked carrots
• 1 cup mashed potatoes
• 1/4 cup pecans
• 1/2 cranberry sauce
• 3 tbsp gravy


① Start by placing two slices of provolone in each Turano Soft Sub Roll and toast until melted.
② For the chopped mixture, start with a base layer of Brussels sprouts, then add your turkey, carrots, pecans into a pile
③ Chop up everything together, making sure it’s well mixed together.
④ Next add mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce.
⑤ Chop one more time to incorporate.
⑥ Scoop a pile of the chopped Thanksgiving leftover ingredients onto the cheesy toast Turano Soft Sub Roll and serve.

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