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Fried Bologna Sandwich

Fried Bologna Sandwich


Turano Brioche Rolls
High quality bologna
Swiss cheese
Olive oil
Fried Egg
Mustard (optional)
Yellow Onions (optional)
Mayo (optional)


Butter the brioche rolls and put on low-medium heat on pan
Cut bologna in 4 evenly spaced spots from end of circle to 1-2 inches inward depending on the size of the slices
Add bologna slices to medium heat pan
Turn bologna slices as needed until they are evenly slightly browned in areas touching the pan. This should take no more than 5 minutes with the slices being flipped a few times. Note, there will be parts of the bologna that rise given the heat
Once bologna is almost ready to take off, place swiss cheese slices over the top so that they slightly melt
By now the Bricohe rolls should have good color and toast to them
Carmelize yellow onions with olive oil, salt and pepper
Assemble sandwich, and leave the top bun off
Fried the egg, sunny side up, and cover with a top to cook it correctly
Add onions
Add bologna w/swiss cheese
Add the sliced avocado
Add the fried egg to the top of the sandwich

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