Healthy Breakfast Spread on Rustic Grain

Healthy Breakfast Spread on Rustic Grain


Turano Rustic Grain
Sandwich 1: Chocolate almond butter, and banana.
Sandwich 2: Avocado, cucumber, and hemp seeds.
Sandwich 3: Red pepper hummus, baby gems lettuce, and tomatoes.
Sandwich 4: Scrambled eggs or egg salad and pickles.
Sandwich 5: Sunflower butter, hemp seeds, and chia seeds
Sandwich 6: Cheesy olive tapenade and whipped cream.
Sandwich 7: Mascarpone, jam, strawberries, and blueberries.
Sandwich 8: Pesto, carrots, bell peppers.
Sandwich 9: Swiss cheese and tomatoes.


① Assemble the sandwiches by spreading the butter, hummus, avocado, cheese, eggs, pesto, or whipped cream on a slice of 100% Whole Grain.
② Add desired ingredients to the sandwich and enjoy!

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